Is This You?

Who We Work With

We offer products and services specifically geared to the small business owner and self employed professional.  Most of our clients share the following characteristics: 

They are small business owners with 2 to 150 employees
They are just starting out opening their business, medical or dental practice
They have been in business for several years with an existing insurance plan - but have have not had a complete review of their existing benefits
They have been in business for several years, are expanding and find a need to look at offering a benefit package to attract the best employees
They want a "go to" person to assist with all aspects of their benefit plan

Typically our clients possess expertise in either a specific profession or offer a unique service and want a trusted advisor to help them develop a complete benefit package, and assist with the implementing and managing of that package along the way.  This package may be no more than a small group health plan, or a comprehensive benefit package.  Click here to see the types of business that may be successful working with us.

If the above characteristics describe you or your situation we invite you to contact us for a complimentary, no obligation meeting to learn more about how we may help you set up or improve your benefits and insurance program.

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