Insurance Company Rating Services

The following table lists the possible ratings that may be assigned
to insurance companies.  Please note that a number 1 ranking by one rating service is not equivalent to a number 1 ranking with another rating service.

By clicking on the name of each rating service company, you will be linked directly to the rating services web site where you may explore additional information about the ratings and how they may be interpreted. 

Rank A.M. Best Moody's
1 A++ AAA Aaa AAA A+
2 A+ AA+ Aa1 AA+ A
3 A AA Aa2 AA A-
4 A- AA- Aa3 AA- B+
5 B++ A+ A1 A+ B
6 B+ A A2 A B-
7 B A- A3 A- C+
8 B- BBB+ Baa1 BBB+ C
9 C++ BBB Baa2 BBB C-
10 C+ BBB- Baa3 BBB- D+
11 C BB+ Ba1 BB+ D
12 C- BB Ba2 BB D-
13 D BB- Ba3 BB- E+
14 E B+ B1 B+ E
15 F B B2 B E-
16 S B- B3 B- F
17   CCC+ Caa1 CCC  
18   CCC Caa2 CC  
19   CCC- Caa3 R  
20   CC/C Ca    
21   DDD C    
22   DD/D      


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