Financial Planning / Investment Management

In its simplest form, "financial planning" is basically organizing your cash receipts and cash spent in such a way to allow you to accomplish whatever goals you may have. 

Moving forward, a "financial plan" should help individuals organize their cash receipts and cash spent in an efficient way, while at the same time managing "risks" which may prevent them from ever accomplishing their goals.  These risks may be categorized as life and health risks, destruction of property risks and the erosion of savings due to inflation or general economic conditions.  A catastrophic event in one or more of the above may cause you to start over or reduce the likelihood of achieving your goals, whatever they may be.  To learn more about financial planning or investment management please contact Schreier Financial, LLC a registered investment adviser in the State of Oklahoma.

Financial Planning and or Investment Management Services are only offered to residents of the State of Oklahoma.


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