How We Work

We work to make implementing and managing the benefits and insurance side of your business or practice as easy and worry free as possible.

We realize that most people have limited time and very busy schedules so we will keep our initial discussions to no more than an hour ( if you have more questions we will let you make that call as to whether we continue our meeting or if you want, set up a more convenient time to continue our discussion).

At our first meeting we will discuss any problems you are currently having with your insurance, retirement, or benefit plan and what you would like to see happen.  If you decide to move to the next step we gather some information needed to present you with some options to address your concerns and meet your company's needs.

At our second meeting we will present you with some options of well thought out plans which we feel will help your business /practice grow and address your specific problems. At that point we will ask if you want to move forward, need a few days to consider the options or just do not want to take any action at this time.

If you want to move forward there will be some additional paper work to complete.  If you want more time, we will contact you at a time convenient for you ( we will not camp out on your doorstep until you decide).  If you don't want to do any thing at this time, we will ask if you would like for us to contact you at some point in the future or if we should just wait until we hear from you. 

Our promise to you is that above all, we are flexible.  Different clients need different things and one size does not fit all.  We feel confident that we can make a difference to you and your company. 

If you would like to explore these options or just have a few questions before you decide if you want to meet initially please feel free to call our office.  We would be happy to speak with you on the phone to discuss your current situation and goals and see if there is a fit.  We may be reached at 405. 720.0333.

To learn more about "What to Expect" once you become a client continue reading by clicking here.

Have a Question? Feel free to call us at 405. 720.0333