New Health Care Law

The new national health care law titled "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" was passed by Congress in March of 2010.  The law will require all Americans to have health insurance and places certain requirements on health insurance companies.  The law is being implemented in stages beginning in 2010, with the complete law expected to be implemented by 2018. 

The final rules and regulations are still being written, with changes anticipated.  The following links help to summarize the new law and how it will affect individuals and small business owners.  For those who want to dive into the bill itself click on the link "Text of the Health Care Bill" for a pdf file (careful this pdf is 907 pages).


Health Care .Gov  Health Care Reform Overview

Health Care .Gov  Affordable Care Act - Regulations & Guidance

Health Care .Gov web-site

Affordable Care Act Premium Subsidy Calculator  Affordable Care Act Premium Subsidy Calculator

Arrow  Implementation Time Frame Comprehensive (pdf)

  Text of the Health Care Bill (pdf)

  Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

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